3 Reasons Why It’s OK Being Single During Pageant Season

If preparing for a pageant wasn’t already hard enough, imagine trying to fit in work, school, and even miscellaneous appearances into your schedule. With all the responsibilities adding onto your to-do list, the number of activities only seems to pile up.

Now, imagine having a boyfriend during the entire process. It can get a little crazy and even a bit stressful when events cause conflict. While we’re not trying to say you should or shouldn’t be in a relationship, there is definitely nothing wrong with being single as you hold on to your commitments.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s ok being single during pageant season.

Time is Valuable

As one of the most obvious reasons on the list, you will be pulled from one direction to the next during the season of your pageant. What’s more is that once you hold the title, you will have little time to space. This won’t be fair to either you or your partner, as you will have less time to spend with them.

Not Everyone Gets the Seriousness of Pageantry

Let’s face it – not everyone you meet will understand the amount of time and effort you put into preparing for a pageant. Not to mention, the odd materials used in our hair and bodies to achieve the desired look. However, if you do have a pageant boyfriend, make sure that they are sensitive to what you do and the details that go into your pageant lifestyle.

Grab Support Elsewhere

Need someone to help you prepare for your pageant interview or help you assess your walk? Odds are you won’t find this type of support from a boyfriend. Instead, prepare for a pageant with your best friends. Whether they compete in pageants like you, true friends will want to be a part of your journey with you through every step of the way.

Moving Forward

While you might be looking for sweet support, you don’t need a boyfriend to help you win the crown. We all have dreams and aspirations. You must know that are you perfectly capable of achieving those dreams well on your own.

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